Supa Rhines

Supa Rhines is about as versatile as they come. With a strong lyrical flow that can adapt to any mood, vibe, or message thrown at him, the Florida-based artist is ready to make an impact across the West Coast and beyond.​​​​​​​​​​

While consistently pushing boundaries and limitations of genre through a natural sense of experimentation in his flow, Supa Rhines’ sound is fluid, rich, and permeating. More often than not, the self-taught artist and producer dishes out “feel good” vibes mixed up with his own unique take on hip hop and R&B. While many of his tracks are straight up braggadocious rap, Supa Rhines is no one trick pony. His flows are often rife with deeper messages that spearhead positivity, and he knows when to keep it real. For Rhines, it’s all about creating a vibe that serves the song’s intention.

He wouldn’t be the artist he is today without a heavyweight roster of influences, which include the likes of Jay-Z, Master P, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Rick Ross to name a few. Following in the footsteps of his idols, Supa Rhines recognizes the value of having a strong business acumen to back up his creative efforts. He founded his own label and imprint, ‘Big Dream Squad Entertainment’(BDS), in 2011 before dropping out of college and has plans for it to have a larger legacy than himself.

Cold Pizza Series by Supa RhinesCold Pizza Series by Supa Rhines